Delivery and Installation

We now offer free standard delivery for most of Michigan. Free Michigan delivery south of M55 (by Houghton Lake), The rest of the northern lower peninsula is $150.

*If Mule-shed mover is required there is a $75 fee. You must have a clear path back to the final leveled location of the structure.

Delivery to surrounding states also available.

Delivery truck

Trailer Delivery

Most times we can drop the structure right off the trailer.

Mule Delivery

But if we can’t, we use the mule.

Crane Delivery

And If we can’t do that, a crane is the third option (significant additional cost)

Ground Prep

Your building sets up on a number of 4×4 skids. (2 skids for our 8′ wides and 5 skids for our 10′ and 12′ wides.)The flooring is all pressure treated and consists of the 4×4 skids, the 2×4 floor joists, and then 5/8 pressure treated plywood on top. This makes it so the plywood is 7″ off the ground.

We ask that the ground be flat and level. If it is a building 10×12 or smaller we can block the building up to 3″ to level it up. Anything more than that will result in additional charge. It is crucial that the building be supported every 4′.

If you need to do leveling, we suggest any compactable gravel. Pea gravel or sand is NOT recommended. Crushed limestone or 22A road gravel works well because it compacts. While 22A road gravel is less expensive, it also can splash up against the base of your building causing it to look dirty after rain. We typically recommend about one foot of gravel all the way around your building. For example, a 10×12 building would require a 12×14 pad. 3-4 inches deep is recommended. Some people put concrete down but that is not needed. We do not anchor even our 8×10 buildings down as they are heavy and will not move.

Skid Placement

Other Foundations

Some people lay down brick pavers, but this is not needed or recommended. Keep in mind that the wheels of the trailer or mule will most likely have to travel over your foundation. We can move them and then reset them, but this is why a solid gravel pad is preferred. If you use pavers or treated lumber, please make sure all the 4×4 skids are supported every 4′.